I have been programming professionally (i.e. getting paid to do it) for over four years, and I am fortunate enough to have a job that gives me ample amounts of free time. Provided I don’t burn myself out, I like to spend that time studying and learning something new. If I don’t stay productive, I find myself feeling uncomfortable.

Every Friday, starting from tomorrow, I want to write up a post to reflect on the progress I’ve made over the past week. This will help me articulate my thoughts, and hopefully pinpoint any problems I might be having. Over time, this will serve as a point of reference to remind me of what I have achieved.

The formatting of these progress updates won’t necessarily be consistent, especially in the first few weeks while I try and get comfortable with what works best for me. Currently, I foresee each post trying to answer three key points:

  • What have I done this week? – describe what I have learned or produced this week.
  • What should I try to improve? – figure out what I have been struggled with, and address it.
  • What am I going to do next? – plan my time for next week (although this definitely isn’t a guarantee of any sort).

In the long run, I hope to improve my writing skills and reduce the amount of time spent reiterating what I have written. My WPM is decent enough, and I can touch-type, however I often find myself struggling to write a paragraph I’m happy with. This medium allows me to formulate a post for as long as I need, however I feel I’m spending way too much time correcting the flow of each paragraph every sentence I write, perhaps unnecessarily, and thus it makes me take longer to write anything. I don’t think I’ve ever written a paragraph without needing to press backspace or reiterate later.