Wow! I’ve been busy!

I kinda just stopped doing the status updates, huh? I’ll keep doing them, just probably not on a weekly basis if I have nothing to report :3;;

  • A few bug fixes. php-pm server got pushed to production; the site is not using php-fpm anymore. Helped a friend report a Finnish skiddie to the police, since he was dumb enough to continue DDoSing random websites, which coincided with the site of someone I knew
  • php-pm: Published several PRs to PHP-PM, to add in-place reloads and a fixture test framework to improve code coverage. I think the project has a lot of potential, and I am also a customer, so I am eager to help improve it.
  • alt: Learned how to document with Swagger/OpenAPI.

I’ve had to learn a lot about PHP-PM’s internals, and by extension ReactPHP. Still learning about it! There is definitely some sort of bug in PPM worker handling I want to look at. has died to it at least twice now, but only after running the server for over a week, so debugging the cause is hard. The project certainly needs a lot of refactoring, so hopefully one day I’ll find where the problem lies…

Going to spend the next couple months contributing to PPM, since I want to see it succeed.