What have I done this week?

Got backpack.tf running under PHP-PM. In prod! Success!

It’s not fully baked yet, so I’m serving it to users on a different port. Users have found a few bugs, some unusual ones. Working on that.

What am I going to do next?

I am tempted to contribute back to PHP-PM a bit. What it lacks is a manual reload function. While it does support hot code reload for development, it really needs a manual trigger as part of a post-merge git hook. My systemd unit runs ./vendor/bin/ppm stop to stop the service, so it shouldn’t kill any ongoing requests, but I’m concerned it will cause a few seconds of downtime on every deployment as it will need to wait for any ongoing requests to finish. I don’t want users complaining about downtime, so might go about learning more about ReactPHP to solve the problem with a graceful reload feature.